L.Holmes and S.Matharu just published their first book together: Talking Images: Idioms

On the last day of school, I’m told that our teachers Lucy Holmes and Sharlene Matharu have published their first book together: “Talking Images: Idioms.”

It’s a photocopiable handbook for English language teachers based on their extensive experience teaching English outside of the classroom, writing for OUP and Macmillan, and developing original content for pupils.

The book takes the form of an idiom dictionary, with their own unique illustrations to help make learning fun. Each page introduces a phrase or collocation alongside its meaning and examples.

“We decided not to use ‘a’ or ‘the’ before idioms where it is quite clear what you are talking about,” said Lucy. “So if you say someone has ‘a broken heart’, that means that they are very unhappy because some love affair has gone wrong.”

“But if you saw me in the street and asked me whether I had broken plans for this evening, I would assume that you were asking about appointments rather than actually expecting me to break something,” she added.


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