The city

All over the world, Oxford is recognized as a center of scholarship.

The city is located in southern England and is roughly 90 kilometers from London. It’s a tiny metropolis with around 120,000 people. Oxford has two universities: the biggest and most well-known is Oxford University. Oxford Brookes University, one of Britain’s top new institutions, is the other university in town.

Oxford is a historic city with a vibrant social life that offers something to see and do at all times. Walking around the city is an excellent method to appreciate the magnificent university college structures, go to the museums, and enjoy the numerous lovely parks and gardens near the River Thames.

You may enjoy a show, a movie, or perhaps dine at one of the many restaurants, cafés, bars, and pubs in the area during the day. For late-night people, there are clubs and music venues for every taste. Throughout the year, Oxford University boat races, Artweeks.

Getting around is simple. Local buses are frequent and practical. Many Oxford students commute by bicycle, which is inexpensive to do so, but you’ll need lights, a helmet, and a lock if you want to cycle outside of town.

Near Oxford

Covent Garden, The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Kensington Palace, The British Museum, Trafalgar Square may all be seen in less than two hours. From Oxford to London and other parts of the UK, there are frequent bus and train services.