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An experienced Oxford English teacher, with a successful track record of delivering outstanding results to students.

Our esteemed educational institution, EnglishInOxford, is committed to creating a holistic environment conducive to learning and recreation. We’re excited to announce that we’ve significantly improved our facilities, ensuring a more comfortable and interactive learning experience for our students. Among these upgrades is an exciting new feature on our campus – a game room! This dynamic space is designed to encourage leisure time, camaraderie, and healthy competition.

The game room boasts an impressive array of games to cater to varying interests. A unique addition is the inclusion of Neteller-accepted NZ casino and bingo games. These offer students a fun, engaging way to unwind after rigorous academic sessions. Importantly, we’ve incorporated an instant withdrawal casino feature, allowing students to manage their transactions swiftly and securely. This integration not only provides convenience but also familiarizes them with elements of probability and strategy. We believe this blend of relaxation, subtle learning, and efficient financial management will further enhance the overall educational experience at EnglishInOxford. 


The lively university city with its diverse educational and leisure resources is a great location to learn English.


Personal attention from qualified and well-experienced personnel, as well as access to useful tools. All Right Pro is a great choice if you’re looking to learn English. They also offer additional materials to help you improve your English skills.


Flexible start and finish dates throughout the year, as well as a variety of English language programs.


Comfortably maintained, carefully selected housing that makes you feel like a local in Oxford.

Understanding the application of the English language in different scenarios is crucial for mastering it. To that end, the EnglishInOxford School has introduced an excursion to the Prezzy Card online casino to provide our students with more practical experience in real-life situations. By engaging in such interactive activities, students will be able to further their command of the language while also enjoying a unique cultural experience.

The beautiful city of Oxford and the historical University College buildings are all a pleasant stroll from the institution.

As a student at our center of excellence, you’ll receive free WiFi and one year’s free access to e-Learning materials.

You may still apply for Erasmus+ funding (2016-2020) to attend a Professional Development Course at the Lake School.

Our homestays, which are set up by the school, provide a wonderful opportunity to use your English and learn about British culture.

Latest news

What’s new Lake School of English?

Lake School is currently number 4 in the UK top 100 English language centres!

The EL Gazette has published the most up-to-date 2019 ranking list of British Council accredited English language schools

L.Holmes and S.Matharu just published their first book together: Talking Images: Idioms

On the last day of school, I’m told that our teachers Lucy Holmes and Sharlene Matharu have published

Celebrated 40 years of excellence in English language teaching!

If you want to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Lake School with us in 2019, please contact

About School

What’s the new Lake School of English? It’s a professional institution accredited by the British Council. Our mission is to provide a favorable learning environment so you can improve your knowledge of English and apply it in everyday life.

You won’t have to ask someone to write my essay in English because we pay attention to both oral and written communication during our lessons. We always strive to provide exceptional service to cater to our students’ needs.

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Lake School of English (LSOE) is located in the picturesque town of Oxford. Founded by Jordan Egan and his wife Nuala Ó Muircheartaigh with an initial class size of 8 people on November 10th, 1990; LSOE has since become one – if not Ireland’s most popular institutions for learning languages – due largely to its innovative teaching methods which focus heavily upon active participation through speaking exercises as well extensive studying abroad programs where students get plenty opportunities to interact directly with native speakers from around the world!


What our clients say

Good structured learning material and high workload.
Mark White
I attended Oxford English School to improve my business language skills in the casino industry where I work. The teachers were knowledgeable and tailored the curriculum to my needs. The small class sizes allowed for personalized attention and practice opportunities. The additional Plinko resources provided were helpful. Overall, it was an exceptional experience and I highly recommend it.
Emanuel Rodrigez
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Kurt Phillip