Enrol for a course

Please fill in this form to register for a course and reserve accommodation.

When your school receives this Enrolment Form, it will send you an invoice with the fees owed. You will receive a course confirmation document if you’ve paid your tuition fees. If Lake School is arranging homestay lodging for you, you’ll be given these details at least one week before your trip to Oxford.

You should consider the following when completing this form:

  • the goal you want to accomplish
  • What you need to do now is arrange for a certain date and the number of weeks you want to study.
  • You can select the room as per your need.
  • How would you like to pay

If you need assistance filling out the enrolment form, go to how to enroll. If you want to know more about paying your bill, visit how to pay.

When you submit this enrolment form, we will need to collect personal information in order to enroll you for a course and provide you with the information you require to attend. We assure that your data will be securely stored in accordance with our Data Privacy Statement. At the conclusion of your course, we will request permission to keep your data so that we may.

We are delighted to assist you and advise you, so please feel free to contact us at the school if you have any queries.