Intensive General English

Every morning and three afternoons per week on this Intensive program you’ll learn for 21 hours, in total. In addition to weekly cultural, social, or sporting events, your course also includes daily cultural activities.

How many weeks do I have to prepare?

You may set the length of your course. There is a minimum participation requirement of two weeks. Most students attend for between two and twelve weeks, with a few people spending up to 44 weeks studying.

When can I begin?

You can start a General English class on almost every Monday, with the exception of school holidays. You select your start date and the number of weeks you will study. Beginners are required to enroll at specific times.

On your first day, you will take a placement exam and be interviewed to determine how fluent you are in English, so you may enroll in the appropriate class. You have the option of joining an existing class. Our qualified and experienced instructors make certain that this integration goes without a hitch, providing a pleasant, beneficial learning environment for all pupils.

Intensive General English Course Details

Hours per week21 + weekly cultural/social or sporting activities
Maximum class size12, average 8
Minimum age16
Maximum ageThere is no maximum age.
Language levelBeginner to advanced (CEFR Level A1 – C1)

Course outline

Once you’ve passed the placement exam and been interviewed, we’ll inform you which class you’ll be enrolled in. You will receive a written study checklist for the level of English that fits your needs.

An intensive English program includes the following:

  • How to use grammar effectively, both in written and oral communication, is one of the most important aspects of ESL learning.
  • The pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy of a language learner’s speech are dependent on his or her oral communication skills.
  • The most important thing to remember is that a critical part of your business, marketing and sales, is writing. Formal-writing talents, as well as informal ones
  • Listening and reading abilities
  • Both of these are good ways to get better at reading. You’ll improve your comprehension and vocabulary by using it every day.

Concepts for Assignments and Homework

You may also use the items in your notebook to express yourself effectively and authentically. You might even personalise the app with a name of your own choice, such as “Sparky.” Make small notes that are easy to find, using headings like “Get out,” or “Need coffee!”

The most effective way to teach English is through interesting, creative teaching methods that will encourage you to perform your best and receive all you need from your studies. Because you’ll frequently work in groups of two or three, you’ll have a lot more opportunity to speak English.

Teachers also develop their own materials and integrate supplementary resources, such as video and the internet, into their instruction, in addition to utilizing all of the most up-to-date course books.

In-depth instruction for beginners

If you are doing intensive study for four weeks or more, you will have monthly meetings with your tutor to discuss your development, personal goals, and how to get the most out of your English language learning in the UK.

Achieving your objectives

You will receive more personalized attention if you enroll in an Intensive General English course, as opposed to a Standard or Accelerated program.

  • Improve your English comprehension and writing and speaking skills.
  • Confidence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing can all be improved by doing so.
  • Improve your grammar and vocabularly usage.
  • Develop a greater understanding of English as spoken in everyday life.

Outcomes and learnings

You’ll get a thorough certificate of your English proficiency, as well as ‘can do’ statements to show your CEFR (Common European Framework) level at the conclusion of the program.

Your learning outcomes will be determined by your level when you arrive, the type of course and the number of weeks you study. Even after a brief Intensive English program, you will make strides in your English and have the ability to:

  • can express themselves in a more varied manner
  • improve your English-speaking abilities Additionally, you’ll be able to communicate more fluently and effectively in English
  • You’ll have a deeper appreciation for British culture as a result of this education.
  • We traveled to different countries and made new friends; our students are individuals of all ages and nationalities who live in New York City.

Our online e-Learning Centre is available to all Lake School students for a year free of charge. This may be used while you’re in Oxford for your independent study or afterwards at home so that you can continue to enhance your English.

Preparation for the Exam

Students who are enrolled in an Intensive General English program may be able to prepare for an English language test.

If you are at least CEFR B1 level and have studied for at least four weeks (not in July or August), we can assist you with the IELTS or Cambridge examinations.