Celebrated 40 years of excellence in English language teaching!

If you want to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Lake School with us in 2019, please contact me. In the meantime you can enjoy our new interactive website with information about courses, upcoming events and news.

The Lake School has been offering its internationally recognized programs in social work education from the University of Applied Sciences Kiel for more than 40 years now. In October 1979, master students from Haiti were the first to participate in a course offered by us at that time.

Pioneering work was done here as well as a lot of development and improvement over four decades. Internationality is one aspect we have continued to uphold all these years. Within this scope, we offer special language training for international students who come to study at Kiel University or who want to improve their English before or during their studies here. We continually expand our English language courses taught by our own language experts, which are just as popular among international students as they are with local students.

Our courses are taught according to the CEFR training guidelines. We have designed our program especially for students attending courses at the Kiel University or other universities in Kiel who want to improve their English communication skills within the shortest time possible.

Our light-flooded atrium serves as a relaxed meeting place between lectures or during breaks. You will also appreciate our unique reading cave that provides space for quiet contemplation away from everyday student life.


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