Long stay students

We provide long-term students with advice and a variety of services to help them make the most of their time in Oxford. The British Council, together with the UK Council of International Student Affairs, can assist you.


Many Lake School pupils choose to live in one of our pleasant homestays to assist them enhance their English and learn more about life in the United Kingdom today. Each evening, your homestay will prepare you a hearty supper and give you lunch/packed lunch on weekends. Students who reside in a homestay achieve greater progress than those who reside.

However, if you want to live in a shared house rather than renting your own home, it’ll set you back £350 per month for a room without utility bills or local taxes. The cost of renting a serviced 1 or 2 bedroom flat on a short-term basis (6 months) is about £450 per week.

You may discover shared apartments, flats, and houses to rent in your local library or on notice boards at school.

Opening a bank account

If you are spending more than six months in Oxford, it may be a good idea to open a bank account there. You will need to:

  • If you know that the account will be inactive for a period of time, ask your bank if they offer an early closure. If so, terminate the account and request a refund from their returns department.
  • Show your passport.
  • Show a bank statement with your name and address to prove that you live at the correct house.
  • To provide proof of your address in Oxford, show your homestay address on your Lake School enrolment letter or contract if you are renting accommodation.
  • Students who want to transfer from the Lake School will need to provide a copy of their confirmation of enrolment letter.

Registering with the police

If you’re a foreigner living in Oxford for six months or more, you’ll have to register with the police. Check your passport to see whether “holder is required to register with the police” is listed there. You’ll need to submit an online registration and schedule an appointment at St Aldates Police Station if it says “holder is required to register

  • Purchase a copy of your passport from us.
  • 1 passport-size photo (digital)
  • The cost of purchasing a house in the UK is £34.

Staying in touch with home: by phone

Some students bring a cell phone from their home country. Some pupils buy a pay-as-you-go mobile phone or sim card while they are here. The Lake School and all homestays provide free Internet, making it simple to stay in touch via instant messaging and audio or video interactions.

Making friends

You’ll come into contact with students from all over the world in both schools. Hopefully, you’ll discover that learning about one another’s cultures and traditions is fascinating, while still communicating in English of course! So make every effort to speak English as much as feasible. Students will likely not be able to comprehend you if you speak your own language.

Some customs, such as the use of tea instead of coffee in England, are similar to those found in other countries. However, there may be certain differences between your home country and England. The majority of English people will be polite and try to assist you if you smile and say please and thank you.

Getting a job

Currently, students from EU nations and Switzerland can work in the UK without restrictions. We can assist you in looking for a job by providing CV advice and assistance with job applications. Working part-time may help you progress in your career.

Students who are on a Short Term Study Visa or an Extended Short Term Study Visa are not permitted to work in the United Kingdom. In Oxford, finding part-time employment in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and stores is typically quite simple. Advertisements for jobs may be found in local papers, the community website www.dailyinfo.co.

Making progress

Students who stay for a long period of time can make significant strides in their English language skills. You will have a placement exam and an interview to go over your study plan at the start of your course. Personal tutorials and weekly assessments will be administered throughout your training to track your development.

Having a holiday

You are free to take vacations during your program, but requests for holidays must be submitted at least one month before the end of the course. We do not reimburse expenses; instead, we deduct the weeks you were out as vacation from the end of your course.

Extending your visa

Students who have come to the UK on a Short Term Study Visa or an Extended Short Term Study Visa cannot renew their visas and must return home to make a new visa application.