After your course

Use English to stay in touch!

Keep in touch with your classmates and instructors after you’ve left. Before you go, exchange email addresses and phone numbers so that you can stay in touch. If you haven’t already, join the Lake School of English Facebook group or create a WhatsApp group to keep in touch!

Continue to use the Lake School’s online e-Learning Centre.

It has everything you need to practice your English. You’ll find exercises at all levels, games, feedback on mistakes, a real-time grammar clinic, and much more. Make a point of doing something each day; you’ll be surprised how simple it is!

Or try one of these:

  • Download one of the study packs listed in the Lake School Study Pack
  • Read a book in English.
  • Enroll in a local class
  • Please contact us about our Skype training.
  • Check the website to determine where your closest British Council Office/Library is.
  • In English, you may watch satellite/cable TV or films on the internet.
  • Listen to the BBC World Service on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Make a diary in English.
  • Talk to yourself in English
  • Stream some music from the bands you heard in England while there.

Further academic studies in the UK

Have you decided whether or not to go to university after completing your course? We can offer advice and assistance with your university application.