Terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, since you are accepting them when you enroll at the Lake School. All students, regardless of how they book, are bound by these terms and conditions. Courses at the Lake School are for adults only. A signed Consent to Travel and Study Form from a parent or guardian is required for students.

Before you leave your home country, we strongly urge that you obtain personal insurance.

Payment of Fees

1. When you enrol for a course, you must pay a deposit of £200 and an enrollment fee of £75.

2. The deposit and enrolment fees are included in the total course cost. Before you begin the course, you must settle the rest of your tuition charges.

3. There are no additional costs if you pay by credit card.

4. If you pay by bank transfer, you must ADD £25 to cover bank transfer fees.

Cancellations and refunds

1. The enrolment fee and any associated charges are not refundable, with the exception of when the School is unable to provide you a place on a course.

2. There are no refunds for any of these fees, except in unusual circumstances at the discretion of School executives who will evaluate your case carefully and impartially before making a decision. You may be eligible for a full or partial refund in these exceptional situations. If you cancel your course less than two weeks before it begins, you will lose your deposit and enrolment

3. The cancellation policy for group reservations is specific to each school, therefore please contact the School directly.

4. If you cancel your course online, by email or by phone and then change your mind, you have a 14-day cancellation right. In this instance, we must receive your cancellation in writing before the end of the Cancellation Period. If you book a course and later decide you don’t want to take it, you must notify us in writing


If you need a UK visa, you must pay your full fees when you enrol.

1. We will send you an invoice after we receive your Enrolment Form, which shows your charges.

2. Before visa documentation may be released, you must pay by bank transfer and submit a copy of the bank transfer document via email or fax.

3. You must also pay for your tuition expenses in addition to any other costs associated with studying abroad.

  • the enrolment fee of £75
  • a visa documentation fee of £25
  • bank charges of £25
  • If you need your visa paperwork delivered by DHL, you can get it sent overnight express mail for £95.

If your visa application is denied, these application fees are not refundable.

Your tuition fees will be refunded in full, subject to the following conditions

1. You must inform the Lake School as soon as you receive your visa. If you do not appear at the School on the agreed start date, UK Visas and Immigration will be notified and you will lose your course and accommodation fees for any weeks that you do not attend.

2. If your visa is delayed, you must notify the School at least four weeks before the start of your course. You will forfeit any tuition and housing payments for any weeks during which you do not attend if you do not inform the school as required.

3. If your visa is denied, you must notify the School at least four weeks before the start of your course and provide a copy of the original letter of refusal issued to you by the Entry Clearance Officer. We will refund your full tuition fees less any registration costs in this instance.

4. If your visa is denied and you notify the School fewer than four weeks before the start of your course, we will refund your money, less any fees for processing and a deposit of £200.

5. If your visa is refused and you inform the School on or after the start date of your course, you will be fined for each week you do not attend in addition to the administration and deposit expenses.

6. However, regardless of the circumstances, you must file an application for a tuition refund within four weeks after your visa denial date.


1. If we are unable to place you on a program, we will refund any money you have spent.

2. After you’ve passed the placement exam, we may urge you to take a course that is different from the one you have signed up for. All courses are subject to availability. We reserve the right to arrange the classes in whatever manner is most beneficial for both students and the School in order to ensure optimum academic conditions.

3. It’s possible for you to alter your program, but you must first speak with the Director of Studies, who will help you make a decision.

4.The Lake School is a strict institution, and we expect each student to be on time for class.

5. You are not entitled to a refund if you miss a lesson for whatever reason, and we will not reschedule the session.

6. The school keeps track of student attendance. Any visa national student who consistently misses classes will be sent a non-attendance warning letter and referred to UK Visas and Immigration if necessary.

7. Attendance is the most common area of concern for students. They will only receive an end-of-course certificate if they have attended at least 85 percent of the class sessions.

8. You must conduct yourself in a decent manner both inside and outside of the classroom. In the event of serious misconduct or frequent absence without a good reason, the School has the authority to end your course. There will be no refund in this instance. Parents or guardians of children aged 16 or 17 are responsible for ensuring that their child is returned home safely.


1. Your accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course begins to the Saturday after it ends. This implies that you may check in on Sunday and depart on Saturday. If you travel into Oxford or leave Oxford on different days, make arrangements for alternative housing for any additional nights stay.

2. Between 23.00 and 7.00, host families are not allowed to take in new students. If you arrive late in Oxford, please make alternate plans for your first night.

3. If you want to pay your accommodation yourself, you must pay it every two weeks ahead of time. If you wish to leave before the agreed-upon date, you must give at least one week’s notice to both your host and the Lake School.

4. Occasionally, for reasons beyond our control, we may be required to change your accommodation before you arrive or while you are staying. We guarantee that as long as you have booked a stay with us for the time specified in your reservation, we will provide lodging for the duration of your stay.

5. If you decide to go on vacation during your program, you may be charged a room retainer fee or asked to switch accommodations upon your return. Please talk to the School about this before making your holiday plans.

6. It is vital that you like your homestay and feel “at home” there. Students rarely inquire if they can alter/leave their housing. Please contact the Accommodation and Welfare Manager if you wish to change/leave your homestay. This might be possible, but we must give your present host at least one week’s notice


1. If you wish to take a vacation during your program, you must notify the School at least four weeks before the start of your holiday. We do not reimburse tuition; instead, we add the weeks you miss to the end of your course.

2. On public holidays, the Lake School is shut. There are no refunds for lessons that would have been given on those days.


1. You must reimburse the school for any property damage you cause, as well as your own apartment.

2. You assume full responsibility for taking a Lake School class. The Lake School of English Oxford is not responsible for any damage or mishap to you or your goods.

Photographs and filming

1. We occasionally photograph or film students in order to include them in our promotional materials. Please inform one of the school’s directors upon arrival if you don’t want us to do this. We must have a signed permission form from a parent or guardian for pupils aged 16 and 17.

2. There are some schools where filming or recording is not allowed without the help of the school’s administration.

Personal information and data protection

1. We only use your personal information to provide you with our services. This data is retained in both electronic and paper formats.

2. Your credit card data will be shared with our accommodation providers or our airport transfer service, depending on the payment method you select.

3. If you need a visa to visit the United Kingdom, we will take a photo of your passport when you arrive at the School.

4. If you are required to register with the police, we will hold a copy of your police registration certificate until your identity has been confirmed.

5. We will take a copy of your residency permit if you are required to have one.

6. If you are studying in Oxford and will be staying there for the duration of the course, you must provide these details before the start of your program (including a mobile phone number) and keep them up to date if they change.

7. All students must provide the names and contact information of their next-of-kin (or emergency contact) in their native country.

8. When enrolling, students and/or their parents should provide the school with pertinent medical information and inquire whether the institution and housing facilities are suited to the student’s needs. The School may cancel a student’s course and/or accommodation if this information is not given, without refund.

9. We collect information and statistics in order to develop our services, and we may share this data with third parties. These numbers will not include anything that might be used to identify you.

10. We may use your personal information in the ways described above depending on your choice and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Changes to details

At our discretion, the school has the right to cancel or modify the dates, times, fees, or any other information relating to classes.

Force Majeure

1. The Lake School of English guarantees to deliver the services mentioned on this website/in their brochure. Refunds will not be given if the School is unable to do so due to unforeseen circumstances/events beyond its control (such as fire, flood, earthquake, epidemic diseases, natural calamities, conflict, invasion)

2. In this situation, the School must show that it took reasonable measures to minimize delay or damage (if any of the event/circumstance was anticipated), that services were provided where feasible, and that the student or his or her representative was notified about the possibility of a problem.

2. If an epidemic of communicable disease breaks out, all pupils and/or their parents/guardians must adhere to the regulations set forth by government bodies or the School.


If you believe that there is a problem on the premises, please speak to one of the school’s directors and they will listen and attempt to fix the situation. You are covered by Lake School’s duties as a British Council recognized member of English UK if you have a complaint. If you do not feel that your concerns have been addressed, you can contact.