Social activities

Activities such as sports, drama, music and other cultural, social, and sporting activities are all part of your Lake School program.

Each Tuesday afternoon, there is a cultural event such as a presentation from a guest speaker or a guided visit. Guided visits of Oxford, museums, and local attractions are available. We also schedule regular sports activities such as football, Zumba, ice-skating, and punting on the River Thames on a weekly basis.

There are at least one social evening each week, such as going to the pub, evensong at an Oxford University college, a quiz or party at school. These events are included in your course fees. (You will be charged for your drinks if the social event is not held at the Lake School.) Everyone is invited to participate and join in!

You can find out about future social events before you arrive with this list. We’ll also provide a schedule of social activities and weekend excursions on your first day in the Welcome Pack. You may sign up for the programs and make reservations for the trips through our school’s social organiser.

On a 1:15-25 basis, depending on the age and profile of the children taking part, activities at Lake School are supervised.

Adults only enroll in Lake School courses. Parents of kids aged 16 or 17 should be aware that their children will be accompanied during these weekly social and cultural activities. During scheduled activities, under-18s are supervised on a 1:15-20 basis. The Lake School follows this procedure for students aged 16 and 17.

Outside of class, students’ unsupervised free time is generally unrestricted. Students aged 16 and 17 may take advantage of the suggestions provided by the School for exciting free time activities in and around Oxford.