Before You Arrive

The school’s directors, Carmel and Susan, are available by phone or email to answer any queries you may have about your course and housing.

Confirmation of enrolment

We will alert you as soon as we have received your registration and payment. Participants on Professional Development Courses will also receive pre-course questionnaires.

If you’re taking a General English course, there’s also a link to the Lake School Welcome Pack and Study Pack in your Confirmation of Enrolment. These are meant to help you learn English well while you’re here and continue to master it after you’ve gone. On your first day, you’ll also get the Welcome Pack and Study Pack.

On their first day of participation on Professional Development Courses, participants receive a Welcome Pack.

Confirmation of accommodation

You will be given:

  • This is where you write your name, email address, and phone number before any international visitors.
  • their social media profile and surroundings

It’s a good idea to read the British Council booklet ‘Creating Confidence,’ which is about ensuring that your time studying in the UK is secure and pleasurable.


We recommend that you get travel insurance that includes coverage for cancelling, shortening, or delaying your course as well as health and personal belongings’ insurance before traveling to the United Kingdom.

Guide to studying and living in the UK

From Education UK, you can learn more about studying in the United Kingdom.

Things to bring with you

  • A photo should be included on your student ID card.
  • Umbrellas, sunglasses, t-shirts, raincoats, and jumpers are all necessary. The weather is fickle!
  • An adaptor for an electrical connection; the electricity in Britain is supplied by three pins at a voltage of 240 volts.
  • When your charger is faulty, you may use a USB extension cable to borrow from someone else.
  • If this is the case, your physician will likely give you a prescription for an over-the-counter medicine.
  • A smartphone, tablet, or laptop may be useful. We have WiFi, or you can connect to our network via cable if you don’t have one. A USB memory stick might also come in handy.
  • Bring a laptop and writing utensils so you can take notes in class.