A highly regarded institution in the heart of Oxford

The Lake School of English in Oxford was founded in 1978 and is open to adults of all abilities and nationalities, who have a variety of reasons for learning English.

The Lake School is currently in the top 2% of UK English language schools!

The latest ranking list of British Council-accredited English language institutions released by the EL Gazette is based on the statements from British Council inspection reports, as seen in the tables below. The Lake School was credited with 14 areas of excellence. The Lake School of English is located in the top 2% of the rankings.

About us

The Lake School is an independent school run by Susan Barber and Carmel Engin, who are both the school’s two directors. Susan is the school’s academic and financial director, while Carmel is in charge of marketing and student services, including accommodation. Both are highly qualified English language instructors with extensive experience as teacher trainers.


The school is located in the heart of Oxford, near stores, cafés, theaters, bus and train stations, as well as some of the university’s colleges. Park End Street is at 14 Park End St., Oxford OX1 1JQ.

The school is known for its dynamic instructors, pleasant environment, and successful pupils. It is a member of ENGLISH UK and QUALITY ENGLISH. To see a larger version of the image, click it.

Nationality Mix

We have taught over 800 pupils from 56 distinct nations throughout the world since its inception in 2012. At any one moment, we usually have around 15 different nationalities among our students.

Students enjoy:

  • Teachers who have received proper training and experience can help you in gaining an understanding of the game.
  • Activities that are open to all.
  • Excursions that change according to the weekend
  • Accommodation that has been carefully selected
  • It’s a place to be productive in.

Students consistently recommend the Lake School to their families, friends, and colleagues after completing their education here.

Student Age and Profile

The minimum age to enroll at the Lake School is 16, and there is no maximum. The average age at the Lake School is in the mid-20s, although we occasionally have younger and older participants. Please see the course information pages for the minimum age.

The institution is dedicated to the protection and improvement of the well-being of all of its pupils, particularly those under 18 years old. Adult courses are offered at Lake School, however. When they enroll, students aged 16 or 17 must submit a ‘Consent to Travel and Study’ form signed by their parent or guardian as well as a copy.

Students are accompanied during the weekly social and cultural activities and weekend excursions. Outside of classes, though, students’ free time is unsupervised. The School offers suggestions for enjoyable free time activities for children aged 16 and 17 in and around Oxford.