Your teachers

Taught using a professional, dynamic method

All of the instructors at the Lake School are experienced in teaching English as a Foreign Language to children from all around the world. Some of our instructors are also professional development trainers for Lake School Professional Development Courses, writers of English language teaching materials for Macmillan, Pearson, and Oxford University Press, and examiners for the Cambridge exams.

Different instructors have different teaching approaches; the ‘style of education’ at the Lake School is progressive and communicative. Our instructors inspire their pupils to pursue learning actively and assiduously, so you’ll be able to master new skills. In addition, you’ll have a lot of fun!

Personal attention

Excellent educational standards, built on using current teaching methods and incorporating world-class content, will ensure that your English develops more quickly at our school. You’ll get individualized attention and personalized help from highly experienced instructors so that you can feel more confident in your abilities to use English naturally.

Your instructors will make certain you know the learning objectives for each lesson; they plan their lessons carefully to match the demands, interests, learning styles, and cultural background of their pupils while also providing the proper mix of skills, knowledge, and syntax.

Course content

In order to practice a new language in a relaxing, encouraging setting, interactive and focused classroom activities are recommended. You will frequently work in pairs or small groups so that you can speak as much English as possible.

Teachers also develop their own lessons and incorporate additional resources, such as video and the internet, into their instruction.

The Lake School’s head geometry teacher, Angus Savory, has created an online e-Learning Centre for all students to benefit from.