Living in a welcoming environment

Homestay accommodation

Most students request homestay accommodation from us, and they seem to like the experience. We handle this personally so that you feel completely at ease in Oxford.

Although many of our homestays accommodate more than one student, no more than four students at a time are permitted. In this situation, no students speak the same first language (unless specified). On the same basis, all hosts provide welcome, clean, and comfortable accommodation.

Students usually share a bathroom with the homestay. Some homes have private bathrooms that are either inside or outside the bedroom. We can put two twin rooms together for people who book at the same time. Almost all homestay accommodation is in single rooms with space for your clothes and a place to study. For people who book together.

What are your special requirements?

When you reach the finish of your journey, we’ll provide you with a wonderful location to rest at night.

All our hosts:

  • Provide half-board Monday through Friday, as well as all meals on the weekends
  • You can let yourself in and shower when you please, pay your rent on time, and have a key to the house so you don’t need to worry about being locked out.
  • Within walking distance of my home are the following businesses: a grocery store, a family-owned restaurant with outdoor seating during the summer, and a pharmacy.
  • The workers that are carefully chosen for their friendliness and are recurrently visited
  • I promise never to have two students of the same first language unless I am specifically asked.
  • Additionally, the property will provide you with laundry facilities and access to a bathroom.
  • Maintain a clean bedroom and replace the towels and bed linens on a regular basis
  • Don’t let this deter you! If you want to get out on your own, there are some easy ways for you to do so. Perhaps one of them is giving you a hand with some of your laundry or allowing you the use of their washer and dryer
  • Free WiFi internet access is available.
  • If you have the right qualifications, are interested in caring for students of all ages and nationalities, and want to work with us, send us an email using our contact form.
  • They’ll go out of their way to get to know you, and they’ll be there with you on Sundays afternoons and evenings as well as encouraging you to speak English.

A genuine, heartfelt welcome and a clean, pleasant home

We make every effort to place students in suitable housing and identify the best host for everyone. Many British people own pets, and many are non-smokers. When you reside in the United Kingdom, you may have to adjust to a different way of life. Our hosts come from various backgrounds, but most importantly.

Before you arrive in England, we send the host a profile of the homestay where you will be staying. We also provide the host with some information about ourselves. We request that you contact your host and let them know when you plan to arrive in Oxford so that they may be home to greet you.

Homestay AccommodationDetailsCost per week 
StandardSingle room, half-board (full-board weekends)£180
Standard Twin(only available for people booking together)Twin room, half-board (full-board weekends)£170
En-suiteSingle room, private bathroom, half- board (full-board weekends)£220
En-suite Twin(only available for people booking together)Twin room, private bathroom, half-board (full-board weekends)or 2 single rooms sharing a private bathroom.£210

There are no additional fees if you pay your accommodation in cash (GBP). We will add a service charge of 30 GBP to your invoice if you pay your accommodation through the Lake School.

Travelling to school on your first day

When you arrive at school on your first day, your host will assist you in settling in and explaining how to get there on the first day. A map of Oxford will be included in your Welcome Folder when you arrive at the school.

Oxford is a tiny city. The Lake School is in the middle of town, near the bus and railway stations. University and public buildings, stores, offices, restaurants, theatres, and parks make up the heart of the city. By buses, most people commute to work and school. Some cyclists or pedestrians use this route regularly.

You can use your card to pay for public transport in the city zone as well. For £5, you will get a SmartZone Bus Card, which allows you unlimited travel in and around London on buses and trains for one week. This is available at the Oxford Bus Company’s travel outlet. We’ll go through this during your Welcome Meeting.

Accommodation Arrival and Departure Days 

If you arrive in Oxford or depart from it on different days, please make your own additional nights’ lodging arrangements. It’s possible to extend your stay in your homestay for an extra night – please contact us to see if it’s possible. There is an additional cost for this.

It is prohibited for hosts to receive visitors between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00. Please contact a hotel if you are arriving in Oxford late.

Lunch Monday – Friday

On weekdays, you’ll have to bring your own lunch. Lake School, on the other hand, is in the city centre, and there are several eateries/snack bars/restaurants/supermarkets where you can get food and drink. In your Welcome Meeting, we’ll offer some suggestions.

For a sandwich with a drink and piece of fruit/chocolate bar/crisps, expect to pay around £7 per day. The cost of main meals such as pizza, noodles, a burger, salad, or pasta will be somewhat greater.

Accommodation changes and holidays

It’s critical that you feel at ease in your surroundings and that you have a good time. Students never ask us if they can modify/leave their housing. Please see the Accommodation and Welfare Manager in the office to discuss your request. She may be able to assist you by visiting other hosts and assisting you in selecting the finest one for yourself.

We check availability on a daily basis and usually reserve accommodation for periods ranging from 7 to 60 nights. Because of natural or other factors beyond our control, we may be required to alter your lodging before you arrive or while you are here. We assure that we will accommodate you for the time booked; however.

If you choose to take a vacation during your course, you may be charged a room retainer fee or asked to switch to different housing on your return. Please contact the school for further information before purchasing your holiday.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Homestays are not available on a daily basis. The weekly rate is used instead of the daily rate. Sunday is when you check in, and Saturday is your last day. If you want to pay for your homestay yourself, you must do so upon arrival in pounds sterling. You must pay for two weeks upfront.

If you decide to extend your stay, you must contact the school in advance and request permission. This must be handled by the institution. There is an additional charge for each additional night.

You must notify the school no later than one week before you intend to depart. You must depart on a Saturday. This implies that you must inform the school by Friday of the preceding week if you want to leave early. If you need to leave sooner than one week, this is possible, but you will be charged for the full period.