George Ezra Tickets: Tour in London 2022-2023

Tour George Ezra Ticket

MAR 13, 2022

O2 Arena – London, Greater London, United Kingdom

George Ezra Concert Tickets 2022-2023

    Tickets for George Ezra Tour in London

    Since his debut in 2014, Ezra has released 2 albums, 10 singles and 9 music videos. His first album- Wanted on Voyage- topped the charts in the United Kingdom and was a top 10 seller in 7 other countries.

    This album was a huge success, reaching No. 19 on the Billboard 200 in the United States and being the third best-selling album of 2014 in the UK. Ezra released 6 singles from this album, including “Did You Hear the Rain?”, “Budapest”, “Cassy O'”, “Blame It on Me”, “Listen to the Man” and “Barcelona”.

    On March 23, 2018, the new album by British singer-songwriter George Ezra was released. It reached number one in the UK charts.

    How to Buy Ticket for Concert?

    There are a few ways to get a ticket UK tour dates to see G.Ezra in London.

    The simplest method is to purchase them online immediately. You could also contact the venue directly. If you’re trying to find a less costly option, attempt looking for presale tickets for George Ezra UK Tour on resale sites. Please be aware that these tickets might be more pricey than if you bought them from the source initially.

    While you can try to purchase VIP tickets from people outside of the venue, this may not always be the safest option. Be sure to only buy tickets from sources that you trust in order to avoid scams.

    When looking for a ticket prices, be sure to check the date and time of the concert to make sure you are buying presale tickets for the correct event. Also, be aware of any service fees or handling charges that may apply to your purchase.

    If you are buying a ticket from an unauthorized seller, there is a chance that the tickets may be fake or overpriced. To avoid this, make sure you only buy from reputable sources.

    Once you have found and purchased your tickets George Ezra tour dates, be sure to keep them in a safe place until the day of the concert. Bring them with you to the venue so you will not have to worry about losing them.

    If you’re struggling to get cheap George Ezra tickets, don’t worry! You can always attempt to win them by entering a contest run by a radio station or through luck in a lottery.

    When at the concert, enjoy yourself and watch George Ezra perform live!

    We hope you have a great time when you go to see George Ezra on tour. Make sure to buy your concert tickets early for the best vip experience!

    George Ezra Bio & Tour

    George Ezra Barnett (born June 7, 1993) is a British singer-songwriter. After releasing two mini-albums “Did You Hear the Rain?” in October 2013 and “Cassy O'” in March 2014, Ezra wrote the single “Budapest”, which reached the top of the charts in many countries and first position in Austria, Belgium, New Zealand and Czech Republic.

    The artist’s debut studio album, Wanted on Voyage, released June 30, 2014, reached number one in the U.K. and was in the top 10 in 7 countries. It is also the third best-selling album in among the UK arena tour in 2014.

    George Ezra Barnett was born in Hertford, Hertfordshire. He moved to Bristol when he was 18 and enrolled at the British and Irish Institute of Contemporary Music News in October 2011. Less than a year later he signed with Columbia Records.

    He participated in the Glastonbury Festival in 2013, before releasing his debut mini-album, “Did You Hear the Rain?” His song “Budapest” was in the top 10 in 15 countries and reached number one in Austria, the Czech Republic and New Zealand. In June 2014, the single “Budapest” debuted at No. 4 on the UK charts, selling 400,000 copies in the UK alone. In 2015 Ezra was nominated in four categories at the BRIT Awards.

    Reviews George Ezra Tour

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