Exam Preparation

Intensive General English students may be able to prepare for an English language test if they are enrolled on an Intensive General English program.

If you are a C1 or higher CEFR level and study for at least four weeks, we can help you prepare for the IELTS or Cambridge Exams.

Examinations that are recognized worldwide

We teach students for IELTS and the Cambridge Exams, so you may demonstrate your English language abilities to institutions all over the world.

If you wish to take an exam while you’re here, we’ll assist you in registering for it and suggesting possible dates.

For students who want to, but don’t have the time, money, or both, preparing for an exam is a viable option.

  • Most countries require that international students who want to study at a university in an English-speaking country continue their education there.
  • Students may go on to obtain an internationally recognized certificate, such as the GCE Advanced Level or A-levels. Students who wish to pursue a degree program at a university in another country can do so through their home institution’s partnership with institutions abroad.


The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination is designed to assess language skills of individuals who wish to learn or operate in a location where English is the lingua franca.

Educational institutions, employers, professional organizations, and government immigration agencies frequently demand evidence of English language abilities as part of their recruitment or acceptance procedures. IELTS is a recognized test for these applications and is on the UKVI list of safe English language tests if you want to go to study in the United Kingdom.

In Oxford, you may take IELTS any month. The safe IELTS is offered in London.

Cambridge Exams

The TOEFL exam is composed of four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in Real-Life Situations. These tasks assess your capacity to comprehend and express yourself in non-academic situations.

The Cambridge FIRST, ADVANCED, and PROFICIENCY tests are available in Oxford. There are exam sessions approximately every three months.

Exam preparation includes

  • You will be able to answer questions about the content and format of your chosen exam after gaining familiarity with the structure.
  • techniques for answering questions correctly
  • In addition, you may take practice tests and interviews.
  • homework and e-Learning.

There are dozens of ways to get involved at your local library, and it’s up to you what you do. You may participate in programs such as book discussion groups and book clubs. You can also use our self-study resources, in addition to academic assistance from the educational support teacher.

Exam Support

Here is some exam advice if you’re not sure which English language test is best for you.

You may discover a lot more about IELTS and the Cambridge Exams on these websites: nwww.ielts.org/ and www.cambridgeenglish.orgn.

In the Lake School’s e-Learning Center, students can work on IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation materials. This is free for 1 year and available to students at Lake School. You may utilize this while in Oxford to help you with your independent learning or after you return home so that you may continue to enhance your English skills.

English for university and academic success

If you are planning to attend university in the United Kingdom, we will assist you in determining which route is best suited for you to go on to undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Typically, this entails

  • Increasing your English language skills in all areas will help you to better approach your postgraduate training and university life.


  • If you wish to study abroad, you’ll need to be prepared for an English proficiency test so that you can meet the entry criteria for your chosen program.

The Lake School also assists students who wish to study in the United Kingdom further. The Lake School aids students each year by assisting them with their university applications and arranging campus visits or interviews with department tutors, allowing it to successfully prepare pupils for higher education.

Exam fees

There are no additional tuition fees if you want to do study preparation, but you must pay the exam fees. Please contact the school before enrolling to discuss your study plans. The IELTS examination fee is £170 or £210 (Secure IELTS). The cost of a Cambridge test is £175.