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The English language coursebook series Navigate, which Lucy Holmes, Sarah Walker, and OUP authors edited, has been selected for the ESU English Language Awards.

The English language coursebook series, which was edited by Lucy Holmes, Sarah Walker, and OUP authors, has been selected for the ESU English Language Awards.

Navigate was brought to life by a collaboration between OUP’s Education Division and ELT publishing veteran Sarah Walker. It aims to help students develop their skills through an engaging story about four teenagers who are thrown into an uncomfortable situation when they find themselves in mysterious old house together after taking shelter from a storm while on holiday. The four characters – Alex, Amy, Liam and Nisha – come from different cultural backgrounds but unite to work out what is going on at Holmhurst House.

Their investigations take them through each of the skill areas that Navigate covers – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with each section mirroring the work in a student’s English Language coursebook. The book also includes extra videos providing authentic examples of listening activities, which can be used in class or downloaded online for students to practice at home.

The series was produced in association with Cambridge University Press ELT authors Lucy Holmes and Sarah Walker. They worked together with Katy Price from OUP’s Education Division to create engaging storylines that are integrated into all aspects of the material.


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