What’s included in my course?

At the same time, there is a great emphasis on providing children with an excellent educational experience. Experienced and qualified instructors provide dynamic, engaging lessons. Homestays are carefully selected to give kind, pleasant housing. Social activities are numerous and engaging: a fantastic method to meet people, get to know Oxford, and go sightseeing.

General English courses include:

  • The school also offers a welcome pack with information about the institution and Oxford.
  • Purchase this 5-hour, self-paced ONLINE EXAM PREP INDEP
  • In order to use these study materials in class, students should first complete the assignments.
  • Information on the topic can also be obtained by using self-study resources.
  • The annual fee for a home computer with e-Learning Centre subscription
  • I always do my homework every evening.
  • Study the difference between complete and incremental revisions.
  • Obviously, a bachelor’s degree in English is required.
  • Our team of professionals will help you develop a compelling argument for why your school is the perfect fit for you.
  • CV guidance
  • In a culture-rich society, however, this kind of event should not be the only way for youngsters to get involved in their neighborhood.

Professional Development courses include:

  • welcome pack with information about the institution, course location, and Oxford University
  • various study resources
  • We offer a personalized guided historical visit of Oxford to get you acquainted with its rich history.
  • Take a guided tour of an Oxford University college with me.
  • A weekly social gathering is held on Sundays, also.
  • For the price of one year’s access to our Learning Centre, you’ll receive unlimited access.
  • Of course, there is a certificate of attendance at the conclusion of the program.
  • The e-learning platform is adaptable to a variety of devices.

Visits to local education providers are also offered in Creative Teaching programs.

All students enjoy free

  • Internet connection and computer services are available.
  • refreshments – tea, coffee and mineral water

Personal tutorials

In addition to these services, students who enrol for 4 weeks or longer are assigned a monthly session with their educator to discuss their development, personal objectives, and how to make the most of their language study in the UK.

Optional extras:

  • IELTS or Cambridge FIRST, ADVANCED, and PROFICIENCY registration fees
  • Shuttle service
  • Weekend getaways.